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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

She fought the airlines. She fought for the airline stewardesses She was an EEOC attorney But Sunny' Pressman She was one of the gentlest souls you'd ever want to meet, but she was as tough as nails. She took on the airlines and the cause of the flight attendants.

Sunny' Pressman is almost single-handedly responsible for flight attendants being married, for their being over 30 and working. Sonia was a charter member of the Veteran Feminists of America , which was founded in to tell the stories of the Second Wave of the feminist movement, from to In early , Sonia received an email from a Sarasota woman of 15, Minnah Stein, who'd learned about Sonia from the friend of a friend.

Minna wrote that she couldn't believe Sonia was in Sarasota where she lived and wanted to meet her. Carrie immediately agreed, and the profile, which appeared on Sunday, March 15, Read the profile here. On Feb.

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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Her bio can be found on page The book can be downloaded for free here. A keyword search now gives you instant access to first-person reports on hundreds of subjects, such as laws, lawsuits, companies, unions, cities and states, government officials, schools and universities, sexual harassment, violence, people having abortions, lesbians, race discrimination, teachers, arrests, etc. Current owners of the book will want to add this easy-to-research computer version. An invaluable resource, a fascinating read.

Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975

Buyer Beware! You are about to fall in love with a feminist.

Turn the page and another will become irresistible. This is a dazzling compendium of over 2, biographies; elegant, short, profound and inspiring. Unlike the lost legacies of many First Wave feminists, the stories of these Second Wave feminists will be preserved forever in this collated, verified and beautifully presented book. They or their heirs were sent questionnaires and their responses were transformed into short bios.

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