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But to make claims about knowing the universe, its energy, its mass and so on is hubris and any scientist acknowledges the real possibility that our science could be proven wrong at any given point. Oh my thats quite an argument. Very deep. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and cannot upvote? Go be miserable elsewhere alysdexia…. As i was say perpetual motion as we ubderstand it is not perpetual.


The stars and planet will go on in there motion for billions of years but will tgen stop that energy will change and start new motions creating new stars and systems for adding other ones. Our lives are but insignificant in the big picture of our universe. As for my thought on its origins i would like to say it was a friction of dimensional space.

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If you would like a more in depth version of my thoughts on this matter i plan on writing about over the coming months and love a hood conversation. There are different types of energy and I highly doubt that all that ever was, is or will be and remain equal.

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By creating energy one has increased the amount there currently is. There IS always loss in all designs thus far that does not mean a machine cant be built that captures all forms of normal energy loss in the future as you said you canot create energy only convert it. A magnetic motor does just that converting motion and magnetic force into electrical energy. Ive been working on a prototype for years that would run in a vacune and utilize magnetic bearings cutting out all possible friction.

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Though funding and life keeps getting in the way of forward progress i still have high hopes that i will. Create a working prototype that doesnt rip itself apart. And yes it will not be perpetual but it should last about years before dieing if my calculation have been right at which time i hope we will have many better resources. I went through 3. I went to one of the top HS. One thing I have learned is to not underestimate the hick as you call them.

You know the type. They speak slow with a drawl. Wear jeans with tears in them. Maybe a piece of hay sticking out of their mouths. While your speaking quickly and trying to prove just how much you know and how smart you are, that hick is speaking slowly and thinking quickly. He is already 3 moves ahead of you because he listens, speaks factually and will flees you out of every dollar you have if the hick has the mind to.

My old neighbor wore green work pants pulled up over his work boots like a flood was coming and sported a wife beater t shirt. Oh, and that old hick also owned the Detroit Red Wings and has a hockey trophy named after him.

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So go talk in a mirror where you can smile because the only person that cares about what your saying is looking back at you. Rather they are proportionate. There mass and vis are created and destroyed at the same time. The Einstein field equation dictates that a near-flat univers has similar amounts of positive and negative matter; therefore a set of conjugate masses accelerates indefinitely in runaway motion and scales celerity arbitrarily. Hi Paulin. I am myself a physicist, and I have also learned the same concepts standard formulas transmit.

However, 2 points are relevant. The equations on physics and the concepts one can extract from them are aimed to describe how the universe works and are dependent on empirical evidence, not the other way around. Thinking that equations and the concepts behind dogmatically rule empirical phenomena is falling into pre-illustrative times.

Particle and quantum physics have actually gotten results that break classical thermodynamics law of conservation of energy. Bottom line… I think it is important to be as less dogmatic as possible and follow the steps that Francis Bacon started for how science should developed itself. The solution to infinite energy is explained in the bible. But i will not reveal it since it could change our civilization forever. Transportation and space travel all together.

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My company will reveal it to thw public when its ready. My only hint to you is the basic element that was missing. Its what we experience in a everyday matter. Its possible.

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It takes energy to create work. An object in motion is displaying work. Hold one magnet down and put another next to it with like poles. The 2nd moves. That is work.

It is done entirely by magnetic field interaction. The force is exerted over a distance and includes forces of attraction and repulsion. North and south poles of two magnets attract each other, while two north poles or two south poles repel each other. Do you know what this means really? Do you know why this knowledge about magnetic engines is so rare and noone who achived it talks about it? You are forgetting that all you are doing is harvesting energy from somewhere else: the Sun.

You cannot create energy. All you can do is convert energy. Solar panels convert energy from the Sun into electricity.

Every second of every day, the Sun slowly is running out of fuel. And solar panels are extremely inefficient. The energy DOES come from a source, but that source is ignored in their calculations. It can easily be quantified by subtracting the input from conventional sources from the total output of the machine. The difference is the ZPE taken in. Good luck!

What energy rotates magnet 1 so it turns magnet 2? Your time would likely best be spent seeking a refund from whatever school you went to. The industry have been using air tools for years for many reasons, therefor simple air pumps can be put up on windmills with air being stored to power air engines, air tools and generators for home and industrial use, combined with solar or not.

I might be repeating someone here but have you tried , well first the two magnetic fields cant attract they push the other away cant you drill a rotor from a car wheel on its spindal at an angel and make something to house around the spindal like a shoe drilled the opposite but as to push the rotor in the same direction as you drilled. So by answering you exactly the same way you asked, I am a jerk? You said magnet motor. You still have not heard the idea at all. Just lay off. It is very clear about the idea.

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You are commenting on my comment. I never said anything about my idea, only that I had one for consideration for someone with a good relationship with magnets to ponder.