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Quindaro History | Kansas City, Kansas Public Library

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Ghost Towns of Kansas: A Traveler's Guide

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Universal Crossword. Elmo and is often paired with trips there. But this ghost town is a bit wilder in history.

10 ghost towns you need to see when driving Colorado

As the stories go, Tin Cup was run by the rebels in town, who drove sheriffs away or killed them. Aspen is just over two hours from the St. Visitors can also book Jeep tours of the area, if so inclined. Independence, way high up on the 11,foot Independence Pass, is a quirky ghost town with a short-lived mining history and stunning views. Miners used to have to access Independence via skis or a stagecoach.

About an hour and 40 minutes east of Aspen is Vicksburg, a town along Clear Creek.

Ghost Town Trail

Today, visitors will find cabins still standing, as well as a small museum that makes this destination stand out. See various artifacts on display and dig a little deeper into the vanished lifestyle that used to define the area. Respect the location and check before you enter. The town has a good number of other standing buildings, too.

Abandoned Ghost Town of Kanona Kansas - Strange Body Found In The Bank

Pro tip: If your vehicle doesn't have four-wheel drive, rent a four-wheeler before coming here. The roads can be rough. Just about an hour south of Animas Forks is Silverton, another old town with a reputation.