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The building has remained continuously occupied to the present day. Since about it has been used as a restaurant and previous to that it was an antiques shop. Dating from the mid-twelfth century, the building originally consisted of a hall at first floor level, measuring approximately 12 by 6 metres, above service and storage spaces at ground level. A chimney breast rises over the arch above the front door, serving the fireplace on the upper floor.

There were once two columns supporting the arch, but these have gone.

During the Civil War, Gen. Ulysses Grant Began Expelling Southern Jews—Until Lincoln Stepped In

Not only did illicit trading flout Union rules, but it threatened the war effort itself. And there was a seemingly perfect scapegoat: Jews, who had been stereotyped in the press as avaricious and opportunistic. General Ulysses S. In his eyes, the perpetrators were all Jews.

In November, he told his subordinates to refuse to let Jews receive permits to travel south of Jackson, Mississippi or travel southward on the railroad. For Grant, prejudice against Jews mingled with personal animosity. On December 17, , Grant went even further.

The order targeted Jews as a group, singling them out based on their religion. And though news of the order was hindered by Confederate raids and was not well-enforced, it slowly trickled out to Jews in and beyond the affected area. News of the order horrified Jewish Americans. Among them were the approximately 30 Jewish merchants of Paducah, all of whom who were expelled from the city along with their wives and children.

Two of the men being banished were former Union soldiers. After their forced departure Kaskel went to Washington to protest the order in person.

Some of Lincoln’s best friends were Jews - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

There, he approached Congressman John A. Benjamin Shapell has been collecting documents relating to Lincoln and the Jews for over 35 years, housing them in the in the archives of the Shapell Foundation. Ulysses S. Grant and the Jews and co-edited a Civil War reader, to help organize the material so it could be shared with a wider audience.

Interestingly for a project connected with physical archives, the Internet proved a boon. As the exhibit shows in a graphic display, Lincoln had Jews in his circle, among them five friends and 48 acquaintances.

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The exhibit consists mainly of letters, along with lithographs, photographs and paintings, and collectively they show that Lincoln not only knew Jews but was willing to act on their behalf. In , the president also appointed the first Jewish military chaplain for the 7, Jews in the Union Army.