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Causality in Quantum Field Theory. Microcausality in the Quantum Field Theory. Microcausality in the Theory of Scattering Matrices.

Causality and the Analytical Properties of the Scattering Matrix. Macroscopic Causality. Space-Time Descriptions Using the? The Scale for the Asymptotic Time T. Unstable Particles Resonances. Conditions of Macroscopic Causality for the S-matrix. Examples of Acausal Influence Functions.

The Dispersion Relation for the Acausal?

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A Generalization of Causal Relationships and Geometry. Two Possible Generalizations. Euclidean Geometry in the Microworld. Stochastic Geometry. Discrete Space-Time. Quasi-Particlcs in Quantized Space. Fluctuations of the Metric. Nonlinear Fields and the Quantization of Space-Time. Experimental Questions.

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Concluding Remarks on the Theory. Experimental Consequences of Local Acausality. Neem contact met mij op over Events Sprekers Incompany. Welkom terug.

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Uw account. Agenda Seminars Masterclasses e-learning Sprekers Incompany. Actueel Opinie Interviews Recensies Videos. In , Papert made popular concepts developped around the programming language Logo whose design was influenced by a particular constructionist vision of education.

Logo included "turtle geometry", a drawing pen in the form of a turtle that children could move and draw around on the screen or the floor. The turtle is an "object to think with", i.

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Since Logo many other environments in the same spirit have been built, but the scope of modern micro-worlds goes much beyound programming environments for children. The concept leads to the project of inventing microworlds so structured as to allow a human learner to exercise particular powerful ideas or intellectual skills. For Papert, a microworld is based to a large degree on the way in which an individual is able to use a technological tool for the kinds of thinking and cognitive exploration that would not be possible without the technology. The use of the microworld provides a model of a learning theory in which active learning consists of exploration by the learner of a microworld sufficiently bounded and transparent for constructive exploration and yet sufficiently rich for significant discovery.

While it demonstrates the importance Papert placed on exploration and discovery learning , it also shows the need for a teacher or a microworld designer to identify boundaries for learning. Initially LOGO-like environments, were confined to the computer and the individual users. More recent developments e. Whether or not the software can be considered a microworld depends on this interrelationship when the software is actually used.

Student have to:. Therefore, a microworld must be defined at the interface between an individual user in a social context and a software tool possessing the following five functional attributes:. Microworlds have two important characteristics that may not be present in a simulation Rieber, Microworlds offer the means of maximizing all 3 benefits of representations, when used in the context of an appropriate science teaching pedagogy, such as one based on the scientific method of hypothesis generating and hypothesis testing. For example, in the ThinkerTools microworld , students directly interact with a dynamic object while having the discrete forces they impart on the object horizontally or vertically displayed on a simple, yet effective datacross.

Students can also manipulate various parameters in the microworld, such as gravity and friction.

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ThinkerTools ably creates a problem space in which numeric, qualitative, and visual representations consistently work together. Furthermore, Perkins and Unger suggest that microworlds afford the integration of structuremapping frameworks based on analogies and metaphors. Visit the grade-level areas to learn more about our four journals for elementary , middle school , high school , and college teachers.

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