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The contributors offer a range of perspectives on the wild, discussing such topics as the evolutionary underpinnings of our need for the wild; the wild within, including the primal passions of sexuality and aggression; birding as a portal to wildness; children's fascination with wild animals; wildness and psychological healing; the shifting baseline of what we consider wild; and the true work of conservation. This authoritative text has the potential to support diverse and interdisciplinary paths of academic inquiry, particularly in the fields of psychology and environmental studies.

The accessible language and elements of storytelling throughout make it both engaging and informative for the casual reader. This collection lays a solid foundation for its subject matter while maintaining the potential to invigorate futureresearch, exploration, and conversation on the topic of humans and the wild. No other wild-writing has drawn on such a robust set of commentators, of such stature, coming from so many divergent fields.

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This collection speaks very well to our present ambiguity about wilderness and wildness, and what we might do about it. The Rediscovery of the Wild is an important and courageous book.

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It takes a convincing stand against the many forces that diminish both wilderness and the idea of wilderness and, in doing so, strip-mine the imagination and isolate the human spirit from the sources of its strengths and values. There is a difference, these essays tell us, between the call of the outdoors and the call of the wild —the redemptive howls of wind and wolves. May we humans listen with our soft ears and lonely hearts.

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The intrepid authors of The Rediscovery of the Wild fight a well-coordinated rear-guard skirmish against what one author perceptively characterizes as a postmodern tendency 'of seeing wildness as a doddering concept on the brink of extinction. These essays are a cautionary tale indeed. That which is wild is not out of control, it is just out of our control, beyond our ability to fully fathom with our thoughts.

Yet we are made of this magic. Bereft of contact with wildness, the human mind loses its coherence, and the human heart ceases to beat. This fine volume opens an array of fresh and ferocious insights into this most vital dimension of the real. Peter H.

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